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Oven Cleaning

Do you want your oven to look brand new? Shiny, sparkling and clean? Do you want all the build-up grease, oil, grime, and leftover food to be removed? We can do it all – all you need to do is pick up the phone and contact us on 020 8077 2493.

We strongly believe that all of your kitchen appliances should be kept clean at all times. Especially the ones where food is being prepared in order to protect your health and your family’s health. The oven is actually one of the most neglected machines in your house – yet it’s one of the dirtiest. Yes, a kitchen is even dirtier than a bathroom. The cons of an oven that isn’t well maintained are a lot. Some of them are the change of taste in cooked dishes, risking your health and higher energy bills. Yes, a dirty oven takes longer to heat up and it is hard to maintain the right temperature.

Having your oven professionally deep cleaned will ensure full removal of the dirt, grease, and food on the interior and exterior. Our team will make sure they bring back the shine your oven once had.

What does the process include?

Firstly, our cleaners will inspect your oven and the condition it is in. Then they will continue using the dip tank method – it’s the safest and most effective. Our technician will remove the door of the oven and clean it separately. After that, all the removable parts will be soaked in a powerful solution which will get rid of the dirt and food. Meanwhile, they will clean the exterior and the interior of your oven and then assemble it back together.
We believe that the bigger picture consists of small details. So we will even rub the dirt off your bulb cover. If for some reason it has gone off, we can offer a replacement for a small fee.